Kreitinger Design



In an age of specialists, Chicago designer Jack Kreitinger employs a unique perspective on home design. He began his education in architecture and graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture. After a brief career in the landscape and nursery business he decided to pursue his interest in home furnishings. Working for Marshall Fields, he designed model rooms and traveled extensively in Europe and Asia looking for new furniture sources. With this background in architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and business, he opened his own design studio in 1987. Since then he has enjoyed a wide variety of commissions, from Montserrat to San Francisco, from hair salons to private planes.

In working with Mr. Kreitinger, clients enjoy his ability to make the design process fun and exciting. His work always elicits strong, positive responses, both from him and his clients. What really makes the design process rewarding for him is when the client becomes as excited about the design as he is.


Here’s a quick ‘thank you’ to Jack Kreitinger of Kreitinger Design in Chicago, who completely transformed our house!

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